Creative Kids Air Dry Modeling Clay Build 3 Dinosaur Figures


3-D PUZZLES, AND DINOS, AND CLAY! OH MY! If your little paleontologist loves dinosaurs, puzzles and moldable air dry clay, then he/she is in for a treat! We have combined all the excitement of 3-D wooden puzzles, epic dinosaurs and kid-favorite air dry clay in order to offer your child a breath-taking activity set! PRESENTING THE CLAY DINOSAUR KIT BY CREATIVE KIDS FOR CREATIVE KIDS! We are thrilled to introduce you to our premium wooden dinosaurs, which are ready to keep your little ones occupied, engaged and entertained for hours on end! Your little sculptor will be able to use his/her creativity, imagination and clay molding skills to create spine-tingling clay dinosaurs from scratch and develop valuable skills – while having fun! AND THAT’S NOT ALL! What makes our dino clay set stand out is that it includes EVERYTHING you might need in order to build your own T-Rex, Triceratops or Stegosaurus! DON’T HESITATE! DIVE HEAD-FIRST IN A WORLD OF CLAY FUN!

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