Happy Snappy Apples


Test children's problem solving skills and finger dexterity with this juicy game! Pull back the spring-loaded crossbar on the large, wooden apple game board and fill it with the small apples. Score points by taking turns to pick the three sizes of apples. But don’t let the crossbar move! If it moves, throw the unripe apple out. When the apples are picked, tally points and announce the winner! Filled with suspense, this entertaining game will have children using their deductive reasoning skills to guess which apple to pick. For 2-4 players. The game includes 1 apple-shaped, wooden game board, 33 wooden apples in 3 sizes and instructions. For ages 4+. Size of wooden game board: 8.5"L x 7"W. Size of circular apples: 0.75"H x 0.75", 0.7" and 0.6" dia.

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