Make Your Own Snow Globes Kit


CREATE YOUR OWN WINTER WONDERLAND: Unleash your creativity and make two unique snow globes with your very own mini-sculptures and figurines. Assemble the snow globes, sculpt clay creations, attach the figures, add the glitter and syrup into the water, and walla! All that’s left to do is give it a shake! COLORFUL CREATIONS: Mold and shape your own colorful sculptures with six different clay colors and three sculpting tools. Create fish, seashells, and more! The freedom to create is yours! COMPLETE KIT: Just add water! Includes 2 snow globe sets, two figurines (castle and mermaid), 6 clays, 3 clay-sculpting tools, snow glitter, slow-down syrup, artwork circles, sticky strips, and an instruction manual. EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Follow the simple step-by-step instructions to easily assemble your snow globes and enjoy the satisfaction of creating your own winter wonderland.

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