Totally Deco! Daisy Latch Hook Pillow Set


Brighten any day or room when you make this colorful daisy pillow! The BOX CANDIY® Totally Deco! Daisy Latch Hook Pillow Set comes with everything needed to create a cheerful daisy pillow, for a quick weekend project or to craft the perfect gift. Latch hook is fun and easy to learn ...simply loop, hook and pull. The latch hook tool, pre-cut yarn and simple color-coded canvas will get you hooked! Makes one (11.75 inch diameter) daisy-shaped pillow. Includes: 10 rolls of pre-cut colored yarn, 1 latch hook tool, 1 latch hook canvas mat with daisy print, 1 felt mat, 1 child-safe crafting needle, sewing thread, cotton stuffing and instructions, all in a keepsake storage box made from recycled cardboard.

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