Yoshi, Sea Turtle Genius Hardcover Book


In this picture book that is both heartwarming and exciting, join Yoshi, a sea turtle, on her remarkable journey as she swims farther than any animal in recorded history–23,000 miles!–to return to the beach where she first hatched, to lay her own eggs.

Inside every loggerhead turtle is genius: the ability to find their first home, no matter how far away. Follow one, from her birth on a beach in Australia…to her trip across an ocean filled with sharks and seahorses and much more…to her rescue from a net by a fisherman, who names her Yoshi…to her rehabilitation at an aquarium…to her record-breaking swim across the Indian Ocean to the beach on which she hatched, to lay her eggs.

Written by Lynne Cox, also a record-breaking swimmer, here is the true story of a sea turtle who swam the longest distance of any animal in recorded history.

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